Membership is open to anyone who wants to join, even if you do not live in Greater Los Angeles area. But you might want to first check to see if one of our local chapters is in your area.

To join NCFM,LA, go print out the membership application and mail to us. All the information you need to join is on the application.

Membership Benefits

  • Participation in the largest men’s rights organization in America
  • Participation in the most controversial law suits in America in support of men’s rights
  • Supporting the creation of educational resources that describe and explain how discrimination affects men
  • The opportunity to learn of how to file law suits to stop discrimination against men
  • Frequent updates on local men’s events (including those by other organizations)
  • The chance to participate in fun events, such as barbecues, retreats, social events, and outdoor adventures
  • Eligibility for participation in our monthly gatherings that encourage growth as a male
  • Participation in activism, letter-writing campaigns, participation in lobbying the legislature to influence new laws, and forming coalitions with other organizations in support of men’s issues.
  • One Year Subscription to the Transitions newsletter
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you are a part of the solution!

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