NCFM, LA Attacks California’s Incorrect Default Paternity Judgments – SB1030

April 5, 2003

The Incorrect Default Paternity Judgment Justice Act (SB1030) moved out of the Senate Committee of Judiciary on April 22nd, 2003 with a near unanimous vote of support. The vote was 5 ayes and 1 no. SB1030 represents ten years worth of effort on the part of men’s issue groups, and it is a reintroduction of last years bill (AB2040) that was vetoed by Governor Davis.

The movement of the bill out of committee represents the results of a well-coordinated team effort that brought several men’s issues groups together. The groups working together on this bill include NCFM-LA, ACFC, CAPF-CA, US-CAPF, RAAPFV,,,, and many more!

An incorrect default paternity judgment (IDPJ) results when a mother has multiple sexual relations and fails to disclose that she does not know who is the father of a child. The best that can happen is that a mother would say, “I do not know who is the father of my child.” However, in California the mother is prevented from making such a statement because the state demands that she name a male, any male, as the father of the child so they can go after the money.

For example, when applying for welfare services the mother is routinely required by the CA-DCSS to name a man as the father even if she does not know who is the father. The result is that the mothers, using a notoriously inaccurate armchair paternity test, routinely misidentifies a potential male as the father. The typical armchair paternity test consists of looking at the features of the child and comparing them to the male. If they seem to look alike then the mother names the male as the father. Unfortunately, this technique frequently fails and results in the victimization of innocent males.

On a large scale we find that ten’s of thousands of males are incorrectly identified as the father of a child. Worse, the DCSS relies heavily on substitute service and there is no guarantee that the male ever receives the notice. So, the male never has their day in court. For example, Los Angeles has a typical default rate of about 79%. By contrast New York has a default rate of between 10-15%.

A male typically learns of an IDPJ when the wages are garnished or they opt for a DNA test. Typically, that is long after the time limit for challenging the judgment expires. Once the time limits expire it is almost impossible for a person to overturn an IDPJ. Only the wealthiest individuals are able to overturn such a judgment on occasion, and even they have difficulty finding a qualified attorney that can effectively challenge such a judgment. By contrast, the poor are left twisting-in-the-wind while their lives, families, and careers come under a financial attack from the California DCSS that may even result in prison time for the innocent male.

Finally, outdated stereotypes lead the public to believe that the problem of paternity fraud rarely happens. The outdated stereotypes include the mistaken idea that females do not have multiple sexual relations like males. This stereotype has been proven to be false by the following facts:

  • The AABB reports that about 30% of all paternity tests prove that the male in question is NOT THE FATHER of the child.
  • Kathryn Kost and Jacqueline Darroch Forrest report, “The available data again provide proof that behavior many people would prefer not to acknowledge–sex outside of marriage and multiple sexual relationships, either over time or concurrently–is not limited to a few men and women or to certain groups in the United States…. The research showed that 41 percent had had four or more partners, 23 percent had six or more partners, and 8 percent had more than 10 partners. The study also revealed that women in all age groups and racial or ethnic groups seem equally likely to have multiple partners while unmarried.”
  • “At each age, the majority of sexually experienced respondents had had more than one lifetime partner; between ages 14 and 21, the proportion who had had six or more rose from 8% to 31% among females and from 14% to 45% among males. In logistic regression analyses, alcohol use, illicit drug use and young age at first coitus were associated with increased odds that females had had two or more partners in the previous three months, and being married lowered the odds; black or Hispanic race or ethnicity, alcohol use and young age at first coitus increased the odds for males, and being married reduced the odds. As the number of reported alcohol-related behaviors increased, the adjusted proportion of respondents who had recently had multiple partners rose from 8% to 48% among females and from 23% to 61% among men.” (Multiple Sexual Partners Among U.S. Adolescents And Young Adults).

Clearly, both genders are having multiple sexual partners, and it is time for the public at large to recognize that by failing to admit this fact that men, children, and innocent families are all set-up to be victimized by paternity fraud. To preserve the rights of the child and the male in question, every effort must be made to correctly identify the correct biological father of the child. That requires genetic testing and remedial mechanisms that permit and IDPJ to be set aside.

SB1030 is a beginning that addresses the specific issue of IDPJ’s. It does not address the issue a defrauded presumed father (duped dad), it does not address the issue of voluntary declarations where the male is lied to, it does not address the issue of intrinsic fraud during a hearing, it does not address the issue of civil damages caused by paternity fraud, and it does not address the issue of reimbursement for child support paid by the victim of an IDPJ. These are issues yet to be addressed in the future. Nevertheless, SB1030 does provide a means where an IDPJ can be set aside and the arrears dismissed. To those families that are innocent victims of an IDPJ this bill represents hope that the DCSS will be legally required to stop the oppression.

5 Responses to NCFM, LA Attacks California’s Incorrect Default Paternity Judgments – SB1030

  1. Gilbert Rodriguez on October 27, 2009 at 7:02 pm

    Here is how the Feminists & Marxists influence, tempt, and suborn scared and desperate women and mothers to accomplish this sneaky scheme. The Officials & Quasi-Officials who are Feminist & Marxist abuse their professional discretion and hint to or advise the mother or woman to falsely allege or set-up a situation incident, where if the reported incident is competently responded to with detailed factual litigation the reported incident situation usually turns-out to be a questionable and suspicious allegation or refuted. But the trickery continues with the thinking that the Fathers will give-up or be unable to persevere against the Marxist & Feminist in the continuing Courtroom litigations: and also continues for the gain that is got through the Court System & process.
    After the situation incident the mother /or/ woman litigant who may or may not be a feminist only needs to say that there is violence or a real fear & danger of it and stick with that allegation and from there the California DV-110 form is filed. After that’s done the case proceeds forward subject under the VAWA-(Violence Against Women Act) because of the report that there is violence against the woman, or because the Court Feminists & Marxists pretending there is reason to believe there has been violence against the woman; and from there the Father loses Child custody and the Court adopts the presumption regarding the Fathers’ & Children’s relationship as being detrimental to the Children’s best interest and that presumption like any presumption is only thought-[thinking], it’s not substantial it can’t be seen, heard or felt: it’s silent & invisible. And when Feminists’ & Marxist’ Family Court Departments, syndicated Services & Quasi-Officials get the case the Friend Of The Court Mediator or in Fresno County they are called Family Court Services Mediators write that the Father or the Father’s relationship is a “substantial danger to the best interests of the Children”. That is what is written on the Family Court Services Custody & Visitation Recommendation Report to the Court, but the truth is is that there is not “substantial danger”; thoughts & words are not substantial. But because the Marxist Mediator wrote it on the Report the father gets no custody & visitation. The Marxists are pernicious liars who don’t care about the evidence and they are guilty of depraved misprision when executing these Court proceedings.
    So what happens is the Family must return & continue returning and again because the Marxist and feminists have deceitfully manipulated the Family Court System & Services to exploit & defraud we the people.
    At if you look-up “Marxism” you will see there under the definition of Marxism explained; you read: the system of economic and political thought developed by Karl Marx, along with Friedrich Engels, esp. the doctrine that the state a device for the exploitation of the masses.
    This is mostly happening because; no, I believe it is much more than mostly=(51%) happening because the (Fresno County professional) feminist association has brought the Family and consequently the Family Court Services into the mix, meaning they have brought the Family into it, and so the Family Court Services too, and the Feminists and the Marxist are using the Court and Court Services as a malfeasance collaboration to practice & promote their illegal political power & authority. This is not a very unusual thing for women because the Family is the women’s natural home field, logistical domain, and advantage: it is real power, and of course the situation is emotional, desperate & scary.
    This cooperation between Feminist & Marxist Officials & Quasi-Officials helping the Mother with this fraud is the way for the women and Mother to preserve to her what is virtually her life itself. And they work together all the way up to the Courtroom Judges and Officials-(here & after includes Quasi-Officials) who are feminist & Marxist.
    So the Fathers are being defrauded and justice is prejudiced against him having custody & visitation, and this defrauding and prejudice against the Fathers is occurring by means of the Marxists-(here & after includes Feminists) falsely portraying their actions and prejudice as being lawful Court Power & Authority that is acquired through due process. But the truth is is it is unlawfully acquired Power & Authority that is got
    without due process of Law.
    You see the Marxist Court Officials are operating with the presumption of detriment that is against the Father having custody because that presumption of detriment is allowed by the legal clause found in the Family Code Section 3044(a). Though the truth is, is that wrong & unlawful means have been used to acquire that presumption of detriment because when the incident is Clerically handled and in the Court hearings, a copy of the Family Code Section 3044 is not given to the Parent or Father: so their, the Marxist, presumption of detriment is truly not a Lawful presumption of detriment. It is illegal because it’s not in compliance with the legal command contained in the Family Code Section 3044(f): which says a copy of Section 3044 is to be given to the Parent. Giving Section 3044 to the Parent is done so that that Parent will know all that he or she legally is required to be made aware of so he may fairly defend his or herself. This scheme seems like an ambush because the father or mother is sent into a room of his spiritually hostile & hidden enemies and he’s not told about those people being enemies; and that is exactly what is happening the Father is not told that the Court is with a presumption of detriment that is against the Father’s right to Parenthood and the Court secretly keeps the presumption{prejudice} against the Father or Mother.
    That law action Section 3044(f): give the Section 3044 to the Parent, is not done and that is the wrongdoing of failing to do a lawful command, and it is evidence that implicates there is prejudice against the Father and or Mother even before there is a lawful right of presumption of detriment-or-prejudice.
    The Father (Mother too) does not know about this presumption of detriment that the Court is now thinking because there is not an item for the defrauded Parent to point at in law or see in action that shows evidence of presumption of detriment or prejudice because the Marxist’ wrongdoing was a failure to do something. What they failed to do was give the Family Code Section 3044 to the Father or Mother who doesn’t know that they were supposed to be given the Section 3044 and because he didn’t get the Section he simply doesn’t know that he has been deprived
    & cheated of necessary legal information that the Law commands is to be given him, for his knowledge & defense. Neither does he or she know about the presumption-prejudice against him because he wasn’t given the Section 3044 that tells him or her about the presumption of detriment-(prejudice) and if he had gotten it he would have known that the most important thing for him to do is to fight back by protecting & defending through litigation against the allegations so he can rebut the Court’s Section 3044 presumption of detriment-(prejudice) that is killing his Parental Rights: that same presumption that he’s not being told about. These Marxist are plainly & simply executing the Law unfaithfully and because of & through that infidelity they have rigged the system against the People and are bringing detriment to Society, diminishing and destroying the common good, the Family, Children, and U.S. Constitutional Authority and Supreme Law.
    The Marxist have with deceit & treasonous misprision manipulated the system to become a vehicle to illegally exploit we the People; and are illegally abducting children from parents and disappearing parents from children’s lives.
    So if the Parent does not rebut the presumption he’s out for 5 years pursuant to Section 3044(a)-the rebuttable presumption clause. And 5 years in kids’ lives is taking you out of the kids’ lives. While all that time that cheated Parent is paying money to the Marxist System: that’s how Marxism works.
    There happens in cases like this one when the Parents’ litigation does rebut the presumption, it probably happens a lot more than we think but what happens in those cases is is it doesn’t matter to the Marxist Court. Why doesn’t it matter someone might ask? It doesn’t matter because the rebuttal is not an, or, at issue before the Court because the Court or Clerk didn’t make it an issue by giving the Father a copy of the “rebuttable presumption” clause Family Code section 3044(a). The Parent isn’t given the Section 3044 so the Marxist Court is not acknowledging the Fathers’ testimony as his Rebuttal litigation to the Courts’ presumption of detriment because to the Court the Father isn’t aware of any presumption because he wasn’t given Section 3044 (and the Court knows if he’s given the Section), there would be a record of the action of the Parent having been given the Section 3044. $o it’s like they just don’t bother with you because these Marxist Courts presume you to be detriment to your Children’s best interest to begin with. Secretly. This is Marxist Socialism in the Fresno County Courthouse.
    You see what it is is that the Marxist Court is secretly harboring the Section 3044(a) presumption of detriment{prejudice}: and that makes it an illegal prejudice. That’s how these Marxist politicking Officials do these illegal things. They do illegal actions or inaction in a way that is almost always imperceptible to the layperson of the law so the layperson of law doesn’t get it & understand; and nearly always the layperson never will know that it’s illegal, but it is illegal and a detailed inspection shows that it’s illegal.
    So in these Marxist’ minds no matter what the Father or Mother says or testifies to in litigation it doesn’t matter because the Marxist are already presuming-[prejudge]-detriment about the Parent Child Relationship, though they have acquired that right to presume detriment illegally. The Marxists are unlawfully & secretly prejudiced against the Parent-Child-Relationship in order to illegally abduct children from Parents to keep the Fresno County growing Marxist Officialdom Community wealthy and taken care of, and, in social science the very much respected Marxist theory calls this kind of illegal exploitation “the seed of destruction” to the Capitalist’ System: that’s what the Marxist Authorities do in the Fresno County Courthouse.
    The Marxist are not executing the Law faithfully and are stealing from people: defrauding we the People of property, money, Parental Rights and Children, without lawful due Process.
    Evil Greed.
    The Father, or Mother in some cases too these days, finds out he has no justice (children) coming. It is obvious to him there is a presumption of detriment only he is calling it bias and prejudice against his Parental Rights. He knows there’s bias and prejudice because of the Courts’ bias & prejudice rulings and Custody Visitation Orders that he or she can’t understand and knows is unjust.
    But the Court’s prejudice-presumption of detriment is in the Marxist Judges’ mind and the Judge doesn’t tell the Parents about it. Yet still the Court is acting on that presumption Section 3044(a) for the lawful basis to make Court Orders. That presumption that is acted from is illegally acquired; it is power that is usurped without “Due Process”. Plainly put: “We are being cheated by Marxists”. Like I said at the beginning: it’s “a sneaky scheme.”
    If it happens that the Marxist do read the Parents’ litigation and study the evidence (and they probably don’t based on their presumption-prejudice [who believes they read all the litigations daily?]). But if they do study the litigation and it is preponderant evidence that amounts to a rebuttal of the false allegations, then the Marxists find-out now they have to keep concealed that they are not being true to the facts, evidence & testimonies of the case so they, in this case, have stayed the illegal course because their publicly offensive actions, politics & misprision that has been done could begin to be revealed & known because of that evidence that they are not being true to. Which is now also evidence of their unfaithfulness to the Supreme Law, political order and authority and that truly & legally could be a very serious offense against federal & CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, against Justice, and against the Public. And, it will happen that if the Parent-Child visitation & custody were Ordered what would or could happen is the Father Child Relationship may quickly well & happily flourish and that would show that all that these Marxists are claiming and ordering is the truth in Court: it is all lies.
    Also other more insidious revelations might become known or suspected out of the Parent Child relationship reunification that would be an indictment on the whole system: like that it would become to start being known that these Marxist are parasites who are practicing illegally (see Welfare & Institution Code 300 paragraph 2) because what they are really doing is they are unnecessarily maintaining and inappropriately continuing the disruption & intrusion into Families’ lives.
    For those reasons the Marxist Courts’ hearing of the testimonies and reports is prejudged justice against the Father meaning that the outcome is already decided before because they wrongly make it that way through misfeasance with the Family Code Section 3044 “presumption of detriment”-(legally allowed prejudice) that has been illegally acquired. And because of that illegal acquisition it becomes most important to these miscreant Marxist Officials to not give-in and show the slightest image of them having committed wrongdoing which would elevate Public suspicion and be looked at as a crack in their never wrong-meritorious Officialdom image because that would be thought of as sign & preview that brings belief that for sure there is wrongdoing and illegalities that are being done.
    There are very serious public offenses being committed by Marxist Officials that has & is irreversibly damaging and ruining people’s & children’s lives.
    If We Fathers (Parents) voice our opinion in the Courtroom to these outlaw Marxist Judicial Officials about us believing they are being prejudicial or are presuming detriment about us Fathers’ relationship with
    our Children and we speak that feeling & opinion without evidence to
    support-[that’s what you are reading now]-the existence of them being bias & prejudice, then we see this act: “it is unthinkable that the Court is being illegally prejudiced!!”. But now we know it’s not unthinkable because it can be and is legally done-> Section 3044(a). But these Marxist Socialists are doing it illegally & secretly. Then when the Marxists act terribly offended because we think & say “prejudice” or “bias”, we Parents are left to walk away thinking that maybe it was our mistake saying what we said and that gives the deceiver Marxist Officials the chance opportunity to try to make us think that it’s our bad because we offended the Court and it’s expected, and people will think and say: “no wonder she or he-(judge) didn’t give you custody & visitation” as in we are to think it’s our fault.
    And because these Marxist Socialists are not faithfully
    executing the Law when they take people’s Children in that illegal way, well, the sad truth is is that the Parent whose Children are being illegally abducted from him or her it is very unlikely that he or she would get his or her Children back anyway no matter what he or she says or does because as you see they are hiding something. They are hiding that: they are not faithfully executing the Law.
    These things that are happening are illegal and is done to keep we the people trapped in the Marxist System because every time you come back it’s how Marxism work$. It’s the Marxist Officialdom Community in the Family Court and Child Welfare system and we the people, Parents & Children are being defrauded.
    Through apostasy, illegalities, and the Marxist political Spirit these infidel Marxist Politicking Authorities are making their actual political lie become the real world & life truth, that is: Marxist Order & Authority. The lie becomes the truth.
    Because of the Court Marxist Officials’ sticky deceit now they cannot audibly declare their presumption of detriment to explain & defend themselves for their to the Parent crazy impossible to understand decisions and Orders: because we the Parents were not given the Section 3044 and so if they do audibly declare the presumption of detriment{prejudice} that is made legal by Section 3044 it would be giving themselves away for not faithfully executing the Law (giving us the Section), and that, the unfaithful execution of the Law makes it unlawful means & unlawful authority.
    These Marxist deceitfully put themselves above the Law.
    So they are in fact now hiding their public offenses, and they are hiding their misprision that is being committed against the People, and that is the true reason that the Father (and sometimes mother nowadays too) will in many cases never get his or her Children back.
    The Marxists help the mother when she’s cooperative, and when not cooperative, they work to influence the Children towards and into Parental Alienation Syndrome. And I’m sure in my case, and others, they bring the Children (unknowingly and sometimes knowingly) in on the deceit and lies through the mother.
    So the Marxist Officials make a ruling without a written explanation only a Minute Order, attacking & ruining People’s Lives, Families & economy, but they are paid out of every taxpayers pocket and do well. That’s the main principle of Marxism doctrine: conflict & competition between social classes for material & money.
    Why the Judges do this in cases can be explained in my mind because it’s an emotional community Feminist thing, and a Marxist Socialist syndicate association that are the Political Forces bringing this to reality; and those cases are not heard and apathetically condoned by the rest of the Officialdom Community because in the final product it is beneficial to the Officialdom community’s wealth and advantageous for the maintenance of their subsistence; that in the Marxist’ cases is being gained through unlawfully inflicting detriment & damage upon the General Public. This is Marxism.
    In my opinion you Marxist Judicial Officials must be made unable to withstand against Supreme Law Authority and therefore the time has just passed & it is in order to call to account the individuals known and suspected of this deceitful & malicious Marxist governance.
    This, not uniform, and inadequate execution of the Laws of the State is in the California Constitution Article 5 Section 13 called the job of the California Attorney General to see it corrected; and this unfaithful execution of the Laws of the State is in the California Constitution Article 5 Section 1 called the job of the California Governor to see it not happen.
    This malicious prosecution is syndicated Marxism: “an Outlaw political organization & syndicate in the Fresno County Courthouse” paid for by the People of the County of Fresno, and California.
    The Marxist aphorism is: “it’s you or me (as in who gets the money & material)”. This Marxist Judicial Politics, Policies and Objectives is contrary to and abrogates the United States CONSTITUTION Law, Order & Authority. What has been said/written here is real and has come from perceivable facts, law, evidence, incidents and case studies.
    What the Feminists & Marxist Socialists are executing in their Departments within the Fresno County public Courthouse is called Marxist Order & Authority governance and from that Political Spirit is coming the unlawful actions and it’s knowingly being done or they reasonably should know.
    We the People know something is wrong we are being cheated we just haven’t been able to put our finger on it or figure it out. This is what it is: it’s about the Spirit of things; it is the Spirit of the Politics and thereof is the Authority. Marxist Authority and from there comes the unfaithful execution of the Law.
    So I suggest to fathers who are in litigation against & underneath this unlawful authority to be true and testify in litigation with the facts that will make the evidence that you can use to rebut the false allegations, lies, and the deceitful Marxist Officials’ misprision. If that doesn’t work then litigate about the real facts that are indisputable like the state of or lack of the existence of your Parent Child Relationship & testify about what has taken place which in many cases is the Court declaring the Children’s ‘Freedom From Parental Custody And Control’-(that means ‘you have no visitation & custody rights’) and truly litigate about the Court making that Order without “clear and convincing evidence” to support the making of that drastic Order.
    Those facts, issues and matters: Parent Child Relationship and Freedom from Parental Custody and Control have been legislated by We the People’s
    elected Representatives in the California State Assembly, Senate & Governorship: the Lawmakers. Those issues: parent child relationship & freedom from parental custody and control is decided by the constitutionally designated referendum process and those issues are found in the California Family Code Division 12 which is titled PARENT CHILD RELATIONSHIP and in the Family Code Division 12 Part 4 which is titled FREEDOM FROM PARENTAL CUSTODY AND CONTROL.
    Everything, centuries & much more than trillions & trillions of dollars to make this work: and the Marxist Authority thinks nothing of it.
    Understanding through a clear & open mind you will see what the evidence shows: the Marxist Officials are unfaithfully executing the Law by way of an outlaw syndicate of Marxist Judicial Officials’ Authority which is corroding and nullifying the Law Power & Authority of the U.S. Constitutional Authority in the Fresno County Courthouse.
    It’s not every single one of the Officials, but evidence shows that misprision and political infidelity is going on and it is the Judicial Branch that is at fault.
    The Laws are good the Marxist try to convince People it’s the Laws or it’s a bureaucracy. Those sayings: “it’s the Laws” & “it’s a bureaucracy” are 2 other sneaky tricks that the Marxist use to cheat & beat people up with if they can pull it over their eyes.

  2. Gilbert Rodriguez on October 27, 2009 at 6:52 pm

    This is mostly happening because; no, I believe it is much more than mostly=(51%) happening because in Fresno California the Fresno County professional feminist association has brought the Family and consequently the Family Court Services into the mix, meaning they have brought the Family into it, and so the Family Court Services too, and the Feminists and the Marxist are using the Court and Family Court Services as a malfeasance collaboration to practice & promote their illegal political power & authority. This is not a very unusual thing for women because the Family is the women’s natural home field, logistical domain, and advantage: it is real power, and of course the situation is very emotional, desperate & scary.
    This cooperation between Feminist & Marxist Officials & Quasi-Officials helping the Mother with this fraud is the way for the women and Mother to preserve to her what is virtually her life itself. And they work together all the way up to the Courtroom Judges and Officials-(here & after includes Quasi-Officials) who are feminist & Marxist.

  3. Gilbert Rodriguez on October 27, 2009 at 6:33 pm

    What is happening is, is that with off record communication and kept secret from the opposing litigant the professionals and officials who are extreme feminists and Marxist politicking Officials and Quasi-Officials in partnership with Family Court affiliates, Private services and friends of the Court agents with the same political organization have been communicating, cooperating, and collaborating including abusing their professions’ discretion and advising and coaching the Petitioner/mother on how to deceitfully manipulate the system and Children with fakery, influence & lies and with this sneaky corrupt practice have organized unlawful Political Authority within the [X] County Superior Court of California Courthouse. That unlawful corrupt organization is being executed by officially syndicated Marxian Public corruption that overlaps & is often 1 and the same with the professional feminist officialdom (includes Quasi-Officialdom) association within [X] County Superior Court California Courthouse. Individually and together these associations are unfaithfully executing California Law and enforcing contrary to the United States Constitution authority.
    The extremist feminists Officials, Quasi-Officials and mother in a lot of cases these day do, and are more naturally equipped with the ability to use a little depraved morality to slyly influence or persuade Children into agreement & cooperation with this production and association of lies & deceit. The Father involved is able to detect & knows that there is Marxist & Feminist Officials’ abuse of power and authority happening and it is done in concert with subsidized Quasi-Officials and the Mother sometimes with her family and boyfriend all use pernicious criminal fraud & revolting hypocrisy to deliberately execute a program from the Offices and home that influences the Children’s thinking and impresses on their minds the perception & opinion that will form & train the Children’s behavioral disposition to become alienated towards the Other Parent-(usually father).
    Many of We Fathers have witnessed that it is true that: fraud, depraved morality, illicit illegalities & public offenses are being committed in order to execute the Marxist order of politics & authority that is enforcing and executing Law & Order in the [X] County Family Courthouse and the Family Court Services.
    Through those Official Departments this contrary to the United States Constitution unlawful & detrimental to the General Welfare Marxist authority has spread into private Quasi-Official subsidiary affiliate agencies too and it is done so that these Quasi-Officials and other Officials like County mediators may live off of We the People with their pseudo-intellectual & non-substantial profession “psychology”.
    This Marxian Public corruption has unlawfully deprived the Child & Father in many cases of their Parent-Child-Relationship and that deprival is being done out of compliance with the appertinent California Family Code Division 12 PARENT CHILD RELATIONSHIP Part 4 FREEDOM FROM PARENTAL CUSTODY AND CONTROL.
    The Court Officials’ & Quasi-Officials’ Marxian predicated Malpractice of Law, Order & Authority is nonfeasance plus misfeasance that amounts to malfeasance and it is an offense against the Public and against Justice. These deliberate public offenses and incompetence is a most serious breach of trust.
    Surely it must be that it is nearly always in the best interest of the Children’s lives & future, happiness, that the children should have frequent and continuing contact with the Father (or Mother) so there is a Parent Child Relationship: that (the best interest) is the primary concern of the Court and the primary concern of the Court should not be, though it usually appears to be, to bring the Private Civilian Family into the system so to keep the system’s Officialdom & quasi-Officialdom communities employed.
    It is simply not in our Children’s best interest to be further subject to this Marxian Public Corruption that is occurring
    In many cases the [X] County Court Orders the Children’s Freedom From Parental Custody And Control without “Clear and Convincing Evidence”. That unlawful Order brings the same meaning and effect as if the County District Attorney had taken legal action pursuant to Family Code Division 12 Part 4 section 7802: that is to terminate your parental rights and remove your Children from you completely.
    In some California Counties like Fresno County the unlawful & contrary to the United States Constitution force that is behind this malicious prosecution against the Parent Child Relationship is an association of Marxist & feminist malefactors who are executing governance through a malfeasance collaboration that is exercising and enforcing Marxist Authority and this organization is operating within the Fresno [and X] County Courthouse & Family Court Services with some associated private Quasi-Official affiliates; and they are known to wrongly influence children.
    We are experiencing this right now and it is a clear visible abuse of authority, it’s seriously offensive unlawful malfeasance and a treasonous collaboration that has and is officially exercising Marxian Political Power & Authority that’s being enforced to maliciously & illegally prosecute the General Public mostly so they may remain employed and to retaliate against Citizens who object to this Outlaw Political Authority.
    “In true fact and without the authority of the Law many [X] County Family Courts are illegally depriving Parents and Children of their Parent-Child-Relationships without clear and convincing evidence that the Parent-Child-Relationship is detrimental to the Children’s life best interest and too [X] County Family Court is illegally terminating Parent-Child-Relationships without clear and convincing evidence that terminating the Parent-Child-Relationships is in the Children’s life best interest. Different [X] County Family Courts are doing that: “declaring Children Free from Parental Custody and Control”->(terminating Parent-Child-Relationships) and denying custody-&-visitation without the sufficiency of evidence finding that the California Family LAW Section-7821-commands-must-be-present: that required “clear and convincing evidence” of detriment is also mandated by the California Official Decisional Law Authority.”
    These-(what many Citizens have witnessed them to be)-Extremist Feminists and Marxist Socialists are illegally terminating Parent-Child-Relationships: and they are accomplishing that illegal termination of the Parent-Child-Relationships because they disobey the law under Family Code Division 12 PARENT CHILD RELATIONSHIP Part 4 FREEDOM FROM PARENTAL CUSTODY AND CONTROL Chapter 2 at the Section 7821 Law where there it is commanded that to legally declare a Child Free from the custody and control of a Parent clear and convincing evidence is required. In addition to the: California Family Code Division 12 PARENT CHILD RELATIONSHIP Part 4 Chapter 2 Section 7821 Law commanding that there must be “clear & convincing evidence” to legally make a Court Order that terminates or accomplishes the same meaning and effect of terminating the Parent-Child-Relationship, the California Decisional Law Authority instructs that for the Order to be lawful the clear and convincing evidence has to be so strong that every reasonable mind will immediately agree.
    Practicing unlawful means behind the color of Law & Authority and enforced through the threat of the physical force of the Law Children are wrongly & illegally abducted (declared free from their Parents custody & control); children are unlawfully abducted from their own Parents, especially from the Fathers. This is what people are talking about when they say that their children are kidnapped by the Court!! More Children are illegally abducted from one Parent or the other and in that way are being forced to continually return to the Marxist Family Court System for the reason that former Senator Nancy Schaefer said, to be used as: “merchandise” to keep the Officialdom & Quasi-Officialdom community living wealthy.
    This political association, organization & unlawful means is the antithesis of & is suppressing the U.S.A. & California Constitutional Law, Political Power & Authority. These California Marxist & Extremist Feminists Officials must be aware of the truth and realness of these things & phenomena about power & politics that you are reading about here, those Officials have confirmed pursuant to Article 20 section 3 of the California Constitution these words: “I do not advocate, nor am I a member of any party or organization, political or other-wise that now advocates the overthrow of the Government of the United States or of the State of California by force or violence or other unlawful means” upon their entry to office.
    It is Governor Schwarzenegger’s job written in the California Constitution Article 5 Section 1 to see that the LAW is being faithfully executed in the State of California. It is Attorney General Edmund G. Brown’s job written in the California Constitution Article 5 Section 13 to see that the laws of the State are uniformly & adequately enforced.
    These California [X] County Officials’ Marxism, political disturbance, unfaithful execution of the Law, and organized confusion is openly defiant towards the United States & California CONSTITUTION Law, Order & Authority.
    Those Officials & Quasi-Officials Marxian Authority and Marxian predicated legal actions is offenses against the public, and public offenses in the California Penal Code section 15 are defined to be crime.
    It is in order with U.S. Constitutional security measures for these outlaw Marxist collaborators who perpetrate these public offenses to be afflicted with long & lasting concrete punishment for this Marxist organized politics & governance and for unfaithfully executing the Law. That corrective action is acknowledged in the California Constitution Statute Article 6 Section 18(a)(1). Those United States Citizens who are employed Officials are not with special privileges and immunities. Though you can be sure that it will be the same Marxist politicking Officials who are guilty of this misprision who will telling you and me that they are practicing according to the Law.
    I have seen it and I’m sure some of you have too and it is a dirty tactic: you see, through incompetence, malpractice & hypocrisy these Extremist Feminists by the authority and or trust understood to be a moral & mandatory function of their profession and the mother too they intentionally wrongly & negatively influence the children and the open trusting and vulnerable children begin to understand, feel, identify and unavoidably are won over and become imbued with the influenced disparaging unhappy outlook and when softly induced & officially asked by the [X] County Mediator they speak that introduced and influenced opinion about the other parent & visitation; and when the Child is kept separated from that other parent it is known that it happens and with help to make it happen the child can be and in cases is made to feel & become alienated from the Father-(usually). Then with fakery the Feminists & Marxist in the Fresno County Courthouse pretend & portray that it is the Child’s preference/[voice] that is the preponderant lawful authority in the Court’s discretion about the decision-making regarding the Child custody & visitation Order {but the Child’s preference is not the authority}. While at the same time this development, the Children’s alienation and that talk, weakens the Fathers’ everything including arguments and that occupying front diverts any notion and if it doesn’t divert the notion the Court does/[is] not “hear[ing]”, or in another word “ignores” that notion or disbelief that the father or anyone associated or familiar with the case may bring-up in litigation about whether the Court is truly competently, correctly & faithfully executing the Laws. The thing now is NOW YOU KNOW they are not competently, correctly or faithfully executing the Laws. So it comes to be from that tactic & fakery that you just read or heard about that the other Parent is deceitfully forced or caused to conclude: “I’ve done all I can there’s nothing else I can do”…. In some cases we know/conclude, and there is very strong evidence that the Children are being deliberately wrongly influenced because we see it & hear it while it is happening.
    So, as the saying goes, the Parent is faked out too. And those other Parents/(me, maybe you) We didn’t quit our parental roles We were defrauded by these Marxist & Extremist Feminists’ detrimental to the Public & the Family impossible to understand enmity, thinking, and offenses against the public and Family.
    So a Child or Children are without a Father and or a Mother and We the People lose. Parents, this happens and is happening now we know this because many of us have observed it happen as it happened to us and our children.
    It is most important for every Parent (especially fathers) whether you believe this could or would happen to you or not, none of us think this is going to happen to us; that is why it is most important to record all incidents and talk that sounds like it could be evidence of information or actions that is revealing, suspicious, secretive, or a bragging hint of vengeance. Make a record of it about whoever it is that may tell, hint or brag of planned or planning incidents around or in your life relationships and case. Record those statements in litigation and in writing.
    Of course you can’t and won’t record everything and there will be times that even if the statement or hint of planned or already done wrongdoing from the opposing litigant, other side, or even things that have been said by the Family Court & Quasi-Officials: there will be those times that it will be against your best judgment to litigate such subtle remarks that are spoke due to the very real possibility that it could be seen and thought of more detrimentally against you and your way of thinking because it could become that if those hints and threats of “getting you” isn’t followed through with and you write it in litigation then it doesn’t happen (maybe because you recorded it in litigation). That can and will be acted towards by the other side as if you’re paranoid or something. So the suggestion is, is that you should record those statements that are not conclusively suspicious evidence in affidavit form and store it in a secure and private box in case those statements can be used later. Affidavits are not at all expensive. Those things: “I’ll get you!” and “I’ll get you back” is what is very often being said and is the actions happening in these Family cases where emotions are heated and Feminist Officials, Quasi-Officials, and corrupt Marxist are involved and those Officials due to emotions and greed not truly thinking about the Children’s best interest.
    What these Extremist Feminists & Marxist Socialists are doing when they think they can get away with it they go through with it, is, they illegally make illegal Orders illegally controlling and terminating Parent-Child-Relationships with and through the use of the mind & voice of the Children who have been & are being wrongly, some would say evilly influenced by Extremist Marxist Feminists and their brand of politicking. With the action of spiritual deceit & lies the Marxist & Extremist Feminists in the California [X] County Courthouse have manipulated their Court Departments & the Family Court System to become a vehicle that is illegally exploiting We the People. It takes one association of Marxist politicking Officials syndicate to make this Marxism Authority become real in any California County.
    “Extremist Feminists and Marxist are using children as tools & shields (weapons) to promote defend & protect their lawlessness and Marxist Authority & Power while ignoring all the evidence, except acknowledging what doesn’t sound right, what seems to be not true, and the lies; and no principled reasoning is discernible in their deliberation and judgments.” Many of us have & are experiencing this.

  4. Rose on August 26, 2009 at 12:29 pm

    My nephew is going through Paternity Fraud now. He was 18 yrs old when he mailed his sperm. It’s the only way she could have gotten prago. Because he was living in Denver. But he has become the defualt father of the child and believe it or not, the bio dad lives with her now (child born 1995). In fact they got married right after the child was born. The child is now 14 and from what I’ve heard doesnt have a clue about my nephew and where this extra cash is coming from.

    He has had his license suspensed because of the arrears and a lot of bunch of other stuff. He’s even go to jail.


  5. Gilbert Rodriguez on July 26, 2009 at 4:33 pm

    Please send your SP09-05 Response Form and comment. Thank you. It’ll take 10 minutes or less and together we might make a big difference with diligent & smart effort.
    Mr. Rodriguez’ proposal directly addresses the fraud which is the crime going on that is defrauding especially Men.
    Mr. Rodriguez’ CONFIRMATION OF SELF ADVISED proposal is contained within this e-mail transmission.
    Mr. Rodriguez kindly asks all People to send the California Judicial Council Response Form SP09-05 and show support for his proposal to the California Judicial Council. Mr. Rodriguez’ approach is in harmony with government design and will have a direct, official & immediate effect on the order of government policy, practice and execution of authority. Let’s do it.
    We can do this by urging every person we know to submit their support online to the Judicial Council of California and write-in their support, as such: “I support Gilbert Rodriguez’ proposed CONFIRMATION OF SELF ADVISED amendment, it is signed and sent on July 6, 2009.”
    And the letter format of the proposed amendment that has been sent and is with the California Judicial Council I will now show you:
    Title: Family Law: Domestic Violence Prevention Act forms (revise Judicial Council forms DV-110, DV-125, DV-126-INFO, DV-130, DV-140, DV-210-INFO, DV-250, DV-510-INFO, and DV-540-INFO; adopt form DV-111; and Approve form DV-112)

    From: Gilbert Rodriguez
    P.O. Box 5063
    Fresno, CA. 93755

    To: Ms. Camilla Kieliger
    Judicial Council
    455 Golden Gate Avenue
    San Francisco, CA. 94102
    /&/ To the Citizen Reader: if you agree with the proposed text in the CONFIRMATION then fax the Response Form SP09-05 and send this message: “I support Gilbert Rodriguez’ proposed CONFIRMATION OF SELF ADVISED amendment it is signed and sent on July 6, 2009.” To submit your endorsement for this proposal to the Judicial Council online, or to download Response Form SP09-05 go to the Website and submit support online.

    Here is the proposal presentation:
    Ms. Camilla Kieliger:

    I submit the text of the proposed amendment, a description of the problem to be addressed, the proposed solution, an explanation for the need for urgent consideration, and known proponents and opponents to the proposal. // To the Citizen Reader: This proposal to amend the Domestic Violence Prevention Act Forms by adding the text seen in the box below is intended to and will reduce fraud, deceit & lies that is committed in Family Law actions. This fraud that is being committed is wrongfully depriving the other Parent & Child of his or her custody and visitation Rights. Deadline to comment is 7/27/09 at 5:00 pm.

    Sincerely: Gilbert Rodriguez

    PROPOSAL: to amend Domestic Violence Prevention Act Forms DV-110, DV-112, DV-125, DV-126-INFO, DV-510-INFO, DV-540-INFO.

    Proposal submitted to the Judicial Council of California: request to amend the Domestic Violence Prevention Act Forms by adding the text that is immediately beneath:

    Adopted January 1, 2010, Initials required _______: Be advised that the Judicial Council of California is aware of the consequences occurring from the chronic widespread fraudulent misuse and abuse of the Domestic Violence Prevention Act & Forms. Your signed initials confirm that you have been advised of the California Courts’ policy, practice and procedure consistent with the California Statute P.C. 134: the Court zealously pursues and prosecutes every person guilty of preparing any false or ante-dated book, paper, record, instrument in writing, or other matter or thing, with intent to produce it, or allow it to be produced for any fraudulent or deceitful purpose, as genuine or true, upon any trial, proceeding, or inquiry whatever, authorized by law, is guilty of a felony:
    Initials required: _______. END.

    WE HAVE 1 DAY: WE NEED A MILLION RESPONDERS! We have been working on this now for 2 weeks. If we can make a difference in California the 8th largest economy in the world we can make a difference for every father who is wrongly defrauded of custody & visitation. Please help now.?

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