NCFM member Paul Elam slams judicial system in “Vladek Filler: A political prisoner in America”

August 5, 2011

By Paul Elam

Many of you will know the name of Vladek Filler.  Thanks in part to your help with drawing media attention to his case, and the fact that he was innocent, Filler was exonerated of the false rape charges against him.

He was, however, convicted, falsely of assaulting his estranged wife, Ligia Filler, by putting a bruise on her arm. The court has scheduled Vladek’s sentencing hearing for August 10, 2011 at 9 am at Hancock County Superior Court in Maine, despite clear evidence that the assault conviction was based on fraud.

I am asking for help from MRAs to make their voices heard concerning the fraud and abuse inflicted on Vladek Filler and his children by Ligia Filler, ADA Mary Kellett, DA Bassano, ADA Paul Cavanaugh, and the local legal establishment which is determined to severely punish an innocent man because he fought for the custody of his sons and because he has defied their corrupt actions against him.

Vladek’s attorney not only filed an appeal for the assault conviction but went further and filed a post-trial motion asking the judge to acquit Vladek or order a new trial based on evidence of Vladek’s innocence.

Vladek Filler Motion for New Trial

Included in the motion is just a few irrefutable facts proving that Filler was wrongfully convicted, based on the evidence.  What the motion did not mention was that the original trial judge blocked a mountain of key evidence, including Police reports which explicitly stated that Ligia Filler changed her entire story days later after she materialized a fresh bruise on her arm. None of her prior transcribed statements about the incident were allowed at trial.

To date the judge has not ruled on the post-trial motion to acquit or set aside the conviction for a new trial.  Instead the establishment is rushing to use the wrongful misdemeanor conviction to harshly punish Vladek before blatant fraud and evidence suppression gets reviewed by a higher court.

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