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August 29, 2011

Male Electorate

Up For Grabs

In 2008, men represented 47% of the total voting public. But of all the major blocs of the American electorate, the male electorate is probably the least-understood and most-ignored.

As TV commentator Tucker Carlson explains, men represent “America’s single most important voting bloc.”

Male Electorate Swings Most Races

Although the male electorate is somewhat smaller, the female electorate tends to be splintered. As a result, the male vote is more likely to determine the outcome. For example, in the 2010 Massachusetts Senate election, 52% of women gave the nod to Democrat Martha Coakley. But a stunning 60% of men voted in favor of Republican Scott Brown, handing an upset victory to the GOP candidate.

“With the possible exception of 1996, women have never voted a candidate into the White House when men thought the other guy should win.” — Former Brandeis University professor Linda Hirshman

What Do Men Want?

Eight out of 10 persons who lost their jobs in the current recession are males, especially minority men. In general, men prefer to reduce the national debt and scale down taxes.

But increasingly, men are concerned with broader social issues… you can see the whole flyer by clicking on this link 110827 SAVE NCFM Male Electorate Up for Grabs flyer

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