Verizon pulls offensive video from Internet but does not commit to destroying it or not distributing it by other means

December 9, 2011

The letter below should be self-explanatory, you can read the original on our letterhead 2011 Dec 9 open ltr re Verizon horrendous DV not enough.

NCFM LA still plans a protest tomorrow (click on link for directions), please attend if you can.

This is not the first time Verizon has been involved with producing misandric videos, see Several addresses and email addresses are included below if you wish to send support for the letter below. More addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are in the earlier letter.

December 9, 2011

OPEN LETTER regarding the domestic violence video Monsters produced by the Verizon Foundation and National Domestic Violence Helpline:

First, the following response our earlier letter from Verizon Media Relations Director Alberto Canal regarding the above video is greatly appreciated, “Monsters” has been removed from YouTube. The intent of the Verizon Foundation was to shine the light on the devastating issue of domestic violence and the impact it has on the most vulnerable –our children. We do not want to distract from that message or the issue of domestic violence, so we have decided to remove the video. As an organization, we believe in listening to the voices of the many and the few. It’s important to note that the majority of the responses we have received have been overwhelmingly positive, and we have received hundreds of requests for the video.” We also appreciate Mr. Canal’s telephone call this afternoon to ensure that his response above had been received. However, we are still concerned that Verizon has distributed or will distribute the video by means other than the Internet. Mr. Canal assured me there were “no plans” to distribute DVDs of the video but stopped short of confirming Verizon had destroyed the video and would not participate in distributing it in any manner or form. Consequently, we ask that Verizon (1)  recall all distributed copies of the above video (2) destroy all copies of the video, and that  (3) Verizon and its various organizations and subsidiaries not participate in the distribution, release, or showing of this video in any manner or form, including the direct and/or indirect funding of any activity or effort that will or may cause the distribution of the video, like for example only, funding such things through the National Domestic Violence Hotline and similarly minded organizations. NCFM is committed to ending relationship violence. If Verizon would like to commission another video please involve us to ensure it is factually correct, gender neutral, and gender inclusive. In so doing together we can take a huge step toward the making the world a better place for all of us. Respectfully,   Harry Crouch President Distribution Verizon Communications Inc. 140 West St. New York, NY 10007   Primary Phone: 212-395-1000 Toll-Free: 800-621-9900     Ivan G. Seidenberg Chairman of the Board   Lowell C. McAdam President, CEO, and Director   Francis J. (Fran) Shammo EVP and CFO   Peter W. Thonis Chief Communications Officer   Rose M. Kirk President Verizon Foundation   Bob Varettoni Executive Director of Media Relations: Bill Kula, APR Director, Media Relations Bobbi Henson Director, Media Relations Alberto Canal Director, Media Relations

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