NCFM Advisor R.K. Hendrick, “Beware of Dating Breeders”

December 22, 2011

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An except from the book, “How To Avoid Getting Screwed When Getting Laid” by RK Hendrick, Esq.

Beware of Dating “Breeders”

Regardless of your age, never date a “Breeder!”

Definition of a “Breeder”: A single woman, in her child bearing years, who is fertile (capable of having more children), unattached, “available” and has two or more children by two or more biological fathers.

Whenever you date a Breeder you are potentially placing yourself in the worst of all possible situations. Moreover, there are a multitude of negative scenarios that emanate from getting involved with this type of woman.

There are some women who tend to view fatherhood in the same way they view “hats.” When they get tired of wearing one particular hat, they just change hats and start wearing a different one, because hats are interchangeable.

They also view men, paternity and fatherhood in the same way. If they decide they don’t like a particular man any more or get tired of him, they just try to change fathers … because (to their way of thinking) men are interchangeable and not of primary importance when it comes to parenting or raising children.

The primary value of a man to this type of woman is his wallet or bank account.

The question you must ask yourself is: Do you really want to risk getting romantically and financially involved with a woman who has given birth to multiple children with different fathers? … With her possible motivation being it was done as a means of providing herself with a long-term monthly income through receiving multiple monthly child support checks or government assistance checks?

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see a woman who has three or more children, all of whom have a different father. The bottom line: All of the long-term ramifications of getting involved with this type of woman are negative.

If you have a child with this type of woman and if you stay with her, you may be responsible (in one form or another) for supporting all of her other children (by a different father) until they become independent adults.

If you marry a woman of this type, while you are married to her, you will be legally responsible (in most states) for supporting all of her other children (by a different father) until they become adults!

If you do not stay with her, the likelihood of you getting custody of your individual child is very remote, because the court system seriously frowns upon breaking up or separating siblings. Therefore in reality, you are left with two choices: Either attempt to seek custody of all of her children (including those which are not yours), which is a very difficult task to do (and will probably be disapproved of by the other fathers) or acquiesce to a Breeder having custody of your child.

The bottom line: When it comes to a custody fight with a Breeder, unless she is declared or viewed by the court as being an unfit mother, this woman whether qualified or not, will be raising your child and probably with some other man. i.e., The next man she has selected to play the father role. Furthermore, as an added bonus, you will be required to make monthly child support payments to her, along with all of the other fathers of her other children, until your child becomes an adult.

Add a little more salt to the wound: Add to this chaotic mess the fact that there is no legal mechanism in place which can prevent a woman from spending your monthly child support payments on whatever she desires or deems appropriate

Also, please visit the facebook group: “Friends of Protection for Men” The largest and most active Men’s / Fathers Rights & Issues Discussion Group on facebook with an international membership of some very influential and brilliant members. – RK Hendrick, Author


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