National Coalition For Men VP Marc Angelucci on panel at San Francisco Earth Day event

April 23, 2012
national coalition for men

National Coalition For Men represented at San Francisco Earth Day event

Today I spoke on the panel at the Earth Day Festival in San Francisco on behalf of NCFM.¬† The subject was, “What is Green”?¬† There were about 6 panelists.¬† The festival itself was packed but there were numerous events going on at the same time.¬† Most people were walking around looking at vendors.¬† But there was about 30 people or so sitting¬†or standing¬†to listen to the panel discussion, and lots of¬†people could hear as they walked by.¬†¬†I spoke first and thanked the organizers for inviting the National Coalition For Men.¬† I said we are not an environmental organization but some of the issues we address can¬†affect the environment.¬† I mentioned some of the issues we address (men’s health, fathers’ parenting rights, male victims of DV).¬† I said being green needs to include consideration of¬†men’s health and well-being.¬† I mentioned some statistics re men and homelessness, incarceration, and job deaths.¬† I said¬†only one state (Georgia)¬†has an office of men’s health, and only one state (New Hampshire) ever had a Commission on the Status of Men, and it was unfunded and was recently cut along with the Commission on the Status of Women.¬† I mentioned how these issues are neglected because we assume men “have everything.”¬† I explained that when we neglect men’s issues¬†it can¬†harm inner cities.¬† Fatherlessness leads to homelessness, dropouts, and incarceration.¬† We¬†send men to war and when they return with mental illnesses we do little about it and they often become homeless or incarcerated.¬† Lots of homeless people are war veterans.¬† Homelessness, crime, and incarceration¬†cause inner cities to deteriorate, which leads to urban flight¬†and urban sprawl, which destroys farmland and creates traffic and people commute from the city to suburbs.¬† And when cities deteriorate, so do their sewer systems.¬† I mentioned that there are many other issues we address¬†con! cerning men that are neglected.¬†¬†At one point I also said that some chemicals are¬†apparently damaging men’s reproductive systems, such as reducing their sperm count and increasing testicular cancer and tumors.¬† I¬†only had so much time so I just re-stated that we need to consider men’s issues when we set policies.¬†¬†The audience clapped.¬†¬†As I was speaking, more people came in to listen who¬†heard¬†while walking by.¬†¬†Then the other panelists each spoke, but¬†surprisingly didn’t say anything about¬†sex/gender.¬† I think one was from NOW but I¬†didn’t hear her introduced that way.¬† Due to time constraints¬†(a band was about to perform) there was no¬†Q & A, but afterwards¬†several people asked me¬†the name of¬†the organization and the website.¬† I also spoke to a few people about the additional issue of circumcision.¬† The organizer, Bianca, was very pleased with us.¬†¬†Another¬†woman said she is writing an article¬†and wanted my name, title, and organization, took a picture of the panelists together, and said she’ll¬†send me the article.¬†¬†I also volunteered a little by¬†walking around offering people sunscreen in the heat during the first few hours before the panel started.¬† I saw that as a way to not only contribute but so the organizers would be thankful to us.¬† Overall it went very well.

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