“War on Women”… wha…sure…really…and Mrs. Clause and the Easter Bunny are lovers…

April 14, 2012

It is because I say it is!

By Ray Blumhorst,

I keep seeing articles in the news about a “War on Women,” but as we all know the real gender war that’s been going on for decades is, “THE WAR ON MEN.”

In this election cycle, the privileged and pampered feminists are coming out of the woodwork to pander for their own petty self interests.  In doing so they are (metaphorically speaking) torching their own Feminist Reichstag, then blaming men, and non feminists, for a plethora of manufactured, and imagined, women’s hurts.  Feminists are grabbing red herrings off their bicycles as they are peacefully peddling on their way, and feeding them to the lame stream media.  The mindless, lame stream media is having a feeding frenzy.  One red herring was heard to exclaim to a feminist ogre with a gasp, “I know you need me, but don’t hurt my bicycle!”  Oh, and yes, feminists are seizing at straw men and tossing them into the metaphorical, Feminist “Reichstag fire” to help fuel the bogus perception of a “War on Women.”

It’s time to whip out those male fire hoses of truth and put an end to all the smoke and mirrors of the whiny feminists for whom all the world’s been a stage for their bogus grievances.  Throw facts at them.  http://www.avoiceformen.com/mission-and-values/about/

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